So what’s the difference between a chicken and a turkey?

Man looking angrily at utility bill
Sunday, November 24, 2019 - 1pm

Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small give you an early payoff on that turkey oriented headline. Yes, it’s a joke from Duane’s nephew and you can’t help but laugh. Bringing a little humor to the program always helps lighten and brighten some of the great information they share like home energy to, well, lighten and brighten your home! As a continuing reminder, the solar tax credit does go down from 30% to 26% in 2020 so this is just about the last call on this to make it in time to get your full credit and solar installed in time.

Thankful for Utility Bill Savings

Energy upgrades are a popular conversation in nearly every show. And what better way to be more thankful during the holiday than to save a little money on your utility bill? Back to energy upgrades, they’re discussed in one way or another and you can be sure the detail of the upgrades can’t be understated. They not only reduce overall utility expenses, but they also increase your home's value. Not to mention, it is a much more comfortable, healthier and less expensive home to run and enjoy. These energy upgrades are such a valuable proposition, you absolutely want to get an energy audit to start the process. This is before you do anything to change the energy scheme in your home. The worst case would be oversizing your solar requirements and then upgrading only to find you need far less solar to fuel the electricity. That would be a terrible situation to find yourself in, and today's case study really exemplifies that. How does going from two HVAC units to one sound as a start? The story ends very well.

Set it and Forget - Automatic Scheduled Tune-ups and Filter Changes

The caller in this segment seems to be in need of something that Brower offers, a regularly scheduled visit to do both filters and a tune-up for A/C and heating. The automatic activity takes all the burden off your mind. Hear why it’s worth the investment.

3 Ways to Leave Your Utility and A Whole Lot to Be Thankful 

Finally, what does it look like when your power is derived from alternatives? Do you think cooking the turkey in an alternatively powered oven makes it taste different? Uh, no. So the discussion begins with PG&E power purchase agreement, to solar, to more. Would 17 cents per kilowatt for a 20 year fixed price make sense with very little out of pocket expense? How about 14 cents for financed solar? Still way better than the twenty-something cents for your utility bill on a roller coaster depending on the month. You can get a fixed payment. You can budget for your utility expense for the next 20 years. And of course, the least expense going forward would be to simply pay cash and buy outright. Then, no significant utility bill. It’s all just math. So there may be 50 ways to leave your lover or, well, 3 ways to leave your utility but a whole lot of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

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