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Is something burning in the furnace? It stinks!

Furnace Smells, Radioshow, Brower Mechanical, CA
Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 12pm

Well, if your furnace is on, yes, something is burning because that's how a furnace works but that smell you smell when the furnace comes on for the first time of the fall season is something burning other than the gas that heats the burners to warm the house. It's dust! Yep. The furnace just sits there all summer long collecting dust and that's what that "burning" smell is when you first fire it up for the season. How and why and the effect in your living environment are just a small portion of what's in store for today's show. How 'bout and 86 year old beekeeper making his home more efficient with a whole house fan or how to be sure you're home is carbon monoxide free. You'll hear about that too! A cornucopia of home energy information awaits you as we enter into the autumn season and your hosts talk about what to expect in your living environment. For more information on how you can save on your utility bills be sure to call Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808 or visit

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