Something stinks...important steps to take to prevent unpleasant odors from your furnace!

brower home power hour, brower mechanical, CA
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 4pm

Now is the time for testing the heater and since the weather is good there’s no better time to run and test the furnace. By firing it up for the first time, you get “that smell”. Yes. It stinks. Is it a problem? Well... your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small, get you fired up on good ideas to get squared away for the fall/winter season. And, how you can be prepared with your home’s energy systems. It’s another great show talking about the V in HVAC. AND the “H”. Get ahead of the game and insure everything is ready and raring to go.

Did you know running your A/C more often could be a good thing...only if you’ve had your home analyzed for efficiency. The case study here is quite incredible. But the process saved 29 solar panels on the home in question! The actual net investment was actually less than had the homeowner just gone with the solar alone. It’s a process that started with so much more and it all began when the energy efficiency came into question and was tested.

Two-Two-Two. If your bill averages over $200 and Brower can’t show you how to save 2 solar panels when considering solar, Duane will actually give you $200. Two panels means $2000 in savings if you let Brower show you how it’s done. In this case, how can you lose!!!

Get that annual smell out of the way, get your energy system revitalized and get ready for the season. It’s time to act (What are you waiting for anyway!) Call Brower Mechanical. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

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