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Is something trapped in your attic and costing you a fortune?

What's in your attic and why is it costing you a fortune?
Sunday, May 28, 2017 - 10am

The answer to today’s headline is …absolutely YES! Listen as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small guide you thru the attic maze of opportunity to get your home to be a more efficient consumer of energy. Seal it tight to get it right. That may give you a bit of a clue to the nature of the biggest step you can take in energy management for your home. But, there’s much more to it than just sealing. Why is it costing you a fortune anyway? Hmmm. Does a whole house fan do more today than just drowning out the dinner conversation? You bet! And it helps with those issues in the attic. Only for the right people though. There are lots of things to consider in the process of your home energy plan. Get help. Get a free Clip Board Audit to kick the process off and begin the journey of identifying and planning your energy consumption future. It’s in your control and it really does start from above. Yes, take that as you wish. High energy bills are something everyone prays for to go away! Brower Mechanical can help. 916-624-0808 or on-line at

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