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There's a Doctor in the House! How a healthy home prevents the flu

Brower Home Power Hour with Dr. Tom Hopkins, How a Healthy Home Prevents the Flu, Sacramento, CA
Saturday, November 19, 2016 - 9am

AHHHH CHOO It's true! Your hosts Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker have a discussion with Dr. Tom Hopkins about the merits of a healthy home environment during flu season. This is a show to not be missed as there really are steps you can take to help minimize the potential of flu spreading germs in your home. It all starts with a solid revitalization of your homes' air systems including your furnace, fan and filters. You'll learn why a cleaner home is more likely to stave off the flu as well as steps you can take now to get your home to a more healthy status. To be sure everything is operating at its' optimum performance to keep you and your family healthy, contact Brower Mechanical and get your system revitalized before the flu season hits! Call 916-624-0808 or go on line at Take a deep breath knowing your living environment is in better shape to help you and your family stay in better shape!

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