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Time for the solar hustle. Tax credits change in 2020!

solar power tech very excited over building plans
Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 11am

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small have an interesting perspective on novel homeowner situations that they’re going to not only talk about today but actually share on social media. The Brower crew is out there in and out of homes every day. As a result, they see things that may benefit many from hidden safes to garbage collection. You’ll also hear about how you can donate a working window a/c unit to benefit those in need. It’s a project one of the Brower employees adopted. It’s really quite special.

Should you finance solar? 

A great discussion continues on the cost of financing solar vs buying power from PG&E. Remember, your utility bill is a one-time expense every month with no equity built and nothing accrued. Bill, pay, repeat. If you were to look at solar and it’s benefits across a period of time, you’ll see how financing solar can be almost 50% less expensive than what you’re throwing out each month without solar. Similar payment, identical power delivery to the home. This does not include future unknown rate increases. It would seem this is a no-brainer. It surely should be!  Get started on solar today.

What power backup is right for your home?

Alternate energy is a huge deal and that’s now transcending solar. Batteries, portable generators, whole home generators are becoming more and more a part of the home energy strategy. Duane takes Bill’s lead and discusses each of the options, how they function and how they are typically paid for. Remember this all begins with what the end goal is. Find out where to begin with a Clipboard Audit. It’s free and it gets you started on the path to that end goal.

More than HVAC 

Why is Brower Mechanical? Well, sort of serious, sort of fun but the bottom line is Brower is so much more than just HVAC, hence the word mechanical. It’s all the systems in your home that are mechanical. That includes heating and air but includes ductwork, solar, water heater, pool pump, attic sealing, etc. Now you know the backstory!

So how much energy does a solar panel provide?

What can it power in the house? Well, how about 3 panels to provide hot water for the next 25 years? Yes. That’s it. For possibly the rest of your lifetime! And that’s just the beginning. There are so many things to consider and ways to minimize the solar requirement to your advantage. The insight and knowledge comes thru in actionable terms. Don’t forget, solar tax credits will be diminishing in 2020 so now is the time to act or you’ll be getting less tax credit in the new year.

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