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Triple AAA or 9 volt, we know our batteries. What will you use to run your home?

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Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 10am

Hey, did your A/C kick on this week? If so, you may need an energy upgrade. It’s generally not really that hot yet all day long or at night, so if your home is correctly insulated and energy efficient, the recent daytime heat should not have caused the A/C to turn on. Listen to Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small share the steps necessary to get there. You know cooling the home means spending money. Not needing that cooling means the opposite. Yes! Savings. Money in your pocket and that feels good for most of us.

Electrification is here. That means things are changing and it’s likely your home is going to be fully electric at some point in time. It’s inevitable. Solar has changed the landscape of home energy and right behind that are batteries. Hear a great discussion of how the next step, the natural evolution of electrification, is taking place and what that means to you, your home’s energy efficiency and ultimately, your energy bill. The case studies are incredible.

Wondering how to finance those next energy upgrades? Derek from Ygrene goes a little deeper today into the mechanics and resources to help you build that bridge between product and payment. It really can’t get any simpler, quicker or more convenient. We think you’ll agree.

Quiet, efficient and healthy. That’s how your home should be. What is the number one step to take? If you’re a regular listener, you know. If not, listen up. It’s the single most important element to home energy upgrades. That means it’s the number one change to make to save the most money. This is not complicated. Want to know the reality of what you’ll notice? The answers are in the show.

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