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Use more spend less. Whhhaaat???

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 10am

OK, that headline doesn’t really make sense until you hear your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small talk about one of the local utilities that has a $50 rebate for a home energy revitilizaton. Find out which utility that is.

What is a SIM on a Service Call?

You’ll also hear about SIM’s. They’re known as a “SIM”. A salesman in masquerade. Don’t be fooled. If two people show up on a service call, beware. It’s very possible the second person is a “SIM”. They’re only there for the purpose of working to figure out how to sell you something. And more often than not, it’s something big and expensive. Don’t be fooled.

What Does Energy Independence Look Like to You?

Making your home run like it should to provide you the Independence from the utility that you would like to have is becoming more and more available to every homeowner. What does energy independence look like to you? Knowing that is the first step to getting your plan put together. Technology can be your best friend with all that is going on with electric appliances. Induction cooktops, electric water heaters, heat pumps, even electric cars… and then solar. So many options, so many ways to become independent. One other benefit is the comfort you’ll have both inside your home and in your mind. Knowing what that utility bill is going to be month in and month out is a truly comforting experience.

Check Your Home Warranties

Now, here’s a first on the show. A home warranty issue. Unfortunately, it was a situation where the warranty lapsed. You’ll hear how the caller’s situation was alleviated, what needed to be done and the next steps. When you take proactive steps with a revitalization, you’ll mitigate the problems most of the time but that doesn’t always happen. Brower knows. And while it’s important to know about your home warranty expirations, sometimes stuff just slips thru the cracks. There’s a good heads up in this segment.

It's Hot - Think about Heating 

So why is thinking about heat when it’s hot, reasonable? Yes, when it’s hot. Well, listen closely to Duane and Bill talk about why this could make sense for you. Take all the steps necessary to really look ahead. Think about the winter coming up before it’s time to heat your home and pay that big energy bill. What better time to do that than while you’re paying the big bill for the cooling season? This is where most of us are impacted. While we may have efficiencies in our electricity and reasonably inexpensive service depending on our utility, many may have gas for heat. Now’ the time to look at the options since natural gas prices are only going up. So what to do with $10K? Listen to Duane’s picks. Hear what he suggests.

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