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kids watching fireworks on top of home
Sunday, June 30, 2019 - 10am

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small kick off the show with some fun Fourth of July stories the segue perfectly into home energy like only they could do. Power outages, fires, whole house fans, energy assessments, there’s a little bit of it all in today’s show. The first discussion wraps right around the ability to learn about what’s happening in the home. 

Looking for home energy upgrades? Start with a Free Clipboard Audit!

Listen as Duane explains a case study from one of the home energy upgrades as a great example of the process and the outcome. The story begins with, of course, the clipboard audit, which is free by the way. The exercise goes top to bottom and clearly, the attic would be the first place to start. And one of the obvious, no brainers was upgrading the pool pump as well. With rebates and energy reduction, you’ll hear the monthly outcome they were able to achieve. Wouldn’t you like to have your home energy system decrease in size and consumption…by 50%!

Take the heat out of an AC Service Call - Follow These Steps First

UH OH! It’s 95 degrees out and the A/C is not going on. Now what? Well, there are some tips to ensure that you’re air conditioner is truly the problem. Before you call and pay that service call fee, follow these few simple steps to be 100% sure you’ve got a real problem and not something simple that you can correct in just a few easy steps. These actions alone could be your situation and you’ve likely saved yourself the cost of the service call. Listen in the segement to find out how! 

Energy Monitoring Near and Far

Did you know that Brower can actually monitor your energy systems from afar? If they notice a power event at your home, they can alert you to the fact that something may be going on. Many times, it’s something simple and if you want to hear how “squirrels” can be really be cute culprits, listen in for a little humor and a fun story.

Keeping your home running full-time takes planning and it’s not something you can do on your own. Get the security and comfort you need by calling Brower Mechanical at (916) 624-0808 or check out our services online!

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