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What Stinks? Indoor air quality matters!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12pm

Surely you've been to a family members house, a neighbor's house or a party and whoa!, something stinks. (Is that fish I smell? Burnt meat? Cat litter? ) Does it really matter what the details are if family or guests smell something unpleasant? If your house was functioning properly with its' home energy, heating and air, you can be sure those odors would be temporary, not lingering.

The last thing you would want to hear is your house stinks. Properly ventilating and filtering the home air is critical to getting the most out of your equipment and removing odors and simply creating quality indoor air. 

Don't be fooled by slick solar sellers. They aren't looking at your whole home energy usage but just your "as is" situation. Listen to Duane and Bill as they discuss the merits of small solar and best ways maximize your energy consumption while at the same time, enjoying an odor free home and fresh, clean air to breathe.

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