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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 9am

Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small start today’s conversation with generator hookup considerations. Do it right for sure but more importantly, have a plan to keep you and your family safe. It’s not as simple as you might expect, and the most simple approaches may be the most dangerous.

Getting it Right

Building science and home performance: what? Well, this is going to give you an idea of how this whole thing about getting it right came to be for Duane when he decided to change the direction of his company. It’s all about home energy, indoor air quality, and comfort. More importantly, that means your inner peace and health. Yes, it’s that significant. Back to that Clipboard Audit, this is where you star; for free. It’s that simple. Then, Duane shares some case studies to really hammer home the values of clipboard audit outcomes. And your utility company thoughts on this? Check it out on any of their websites and you’ll see how consistent they are in the process. No surprise, they totally agree to get that plan in place with an audit, FIRST.

Expert Caller

It is always fun to hear callers' objectives. This caller is no exception. Educated customers are not surprised by the options on the internet and here is a customer who knows the brand and the fuel type she would like to get a proposal for and hookup. These are our favorite type of customers to engage with as the expectations are clear. The ability to articulate the need and the understanding of the process just makes everything that much better when decisions need to be made.

Fixing Your Utility Bills

So how do you keep up with utility bills in retirement? Can you afford the roller coaster billing from the utility company? Do you even want that sort of fluctuation? Well, there are ways to fix your utility bills so you have some security, especially in retirement. This is an incredibly important segment as there are ways to help you get to the comfort of knowing what that utility bill looks like. No hype, no gimmicks, this is something you should consider if that’s something you would like to see happen.

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