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Many of our Sacramento-area clients ask how they can save money on their utility bills and benefit the environment, making home zoning look like an attractive solution. In many cases however, boosting home performance includes upgrading the ductwork or home insulation. and ensuring the your heating system was properly installed. Occasionally, home zoning is a solution – it does not always result in energy savings.

Common problems with zoning can include the following:

  • Only works with some types of equipment
  • Not guaranteed to improve comfort if duct work is poorly designed
  • Not guaranteed to save energy
  • Could increase static pressure which can shorten life of HVAC system
  • If bypass duct is used it could cause coil to freeze
  • Adds mechanical parts/complexity to system which increases likelihood of problems and costly repairs

If your home has uneven temperatures, we first ensure that your cooling system is operating at peak performance. Imbalances in your heating system or gaps in home’s envelope can result in high energy bills and uncomfortable spaces. Our expert technicians can pinpoint underlying causes and provide cost-effective solutions.

Minisplits for Effective Home Zoning

When home zoning is a good fit for your home, minisplits can provide true home zoning, allowing you to control the exact temperatures of each room. These systems allow each room to operate independently, with one centralized unit. For our customers craving greater comfort and energy savings without cumbersome ductwork and mechanical equipment inside the home, minisplits provide a solution.

One system can meet both your cooling and heating needs. These state-of-the-art systems can condition a single-room, multiple rooms, or your entire home. They can be installed in both existing homes or new construction projects, resulting in true zoning.

Minisplits enable true zoning and comfort, with one system. If you have rooms that are seldom used, they can be heated less without sacrificing comfort. Several air handlers can be connected to one outdoor condensing unit, enabling every room in your home to be independently conditioned for optimum comfort and energy efficiency. Because the mechanical units are located outside the home, you do not sacrifice square footage.

Brower Mechanical Provides Comprehensive Comfort Solutions

With 35 years experience in the Sacramento area, we can cut your heating bills and boost home performance. We pinpoint home comfort issues and identify cost-effective solutions, resulting in lower utility bills.

When minisplits for home zoning are the best option, we can design and install a system to meet your needs. Our technicians have extensive training and experience in minisplits, making Brower Mechanical a trusted name across the Sacramento region. We ensure that minisplit equipment is skillfully installed, and our customers are protected with a full warranty.

Want to boost home comfort? Contact Brower Mechanical today to boost your home’s performance with zoning.

Want to boost home comfort?

Contact Brower Mechanical today to boost your home’s performance with zoning.


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Ron C.

Just a quick note to say thanks for using such professional and honest people to build your company. Your salesman Mark Ross came to my home and didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. The install crew Randy and Clay were able to find a way to make the oversize coil fit into my tight closet space so I could achieve a high-efficiency system. They took care of my home as if it was their own.

Ron C.
Sacramento, CA