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Brower Home Power Hour: Formerly the CHERP Energy Wise Forum, Brower Mechanical has now recrafted the program to further promote the process of home energy optimization thru home energy audits, insulation, windows, solar and more. Continuing the relationship with the non-profit Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)monthly seminars are designed to provide access to virtually free home energy assessments ($300+ value!)that can then lead to maximizing government and utility rebates and incentives to both reduce expense and increase home values. An incredibly informative show to help anyone considering solar or home energy upgrades make the best investment decision utilizing the small solar process by reducing before producing.

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Radio Show Archive

July 2, 2016: Celebrate Your Independence From Home Energy Expense!

Freedom is a great feeling especially when it's related to a regular expense that is unpredictable. But did you know there are ways to not only get home energy expense predictable but reduced to virtually zero? Listen in as your host Bill Small talks with Duane Knickerbocker of Brower Mechanical about the myriad of ways you can reduce your high energy cost, strategically earn utility rebates and even get your home cooled down now with no payments for one year (on your good credit of course!). You'll even hear from an actual customer about her journey thru the solar investigation process about why she chose Brower Mechanical and the unbelievable outcome she has experienced as a result of their commitment to doing the job right. To learn more about Brower Mechanical and how they're generating energy Independence this fourth of July and beyond call 916-624-0808 or visit "". With the money you save you'll be cooking steak and tri-tip next year instead of hot dogs for your Independence day BBQ!

June 25, 2016: The higher the temp, the bigger the smile!

Whoa! It can get scorching hot in the Sacramento Valley so why would anyone smile the higher the heat? Well, if your home were perfectly comfortable inside regardless of the outside temp, you're smilin', especially knowing you're paying less to expect more! And your show hosts Bill and Duane are grinning ear to ear because they know they have another happy customer. If you aren't smiling because you're sweating your face off in your uncomfortable hotbox, they're smiling because they know they can help you when you call. You'll hear all about steps to take to get your home to that perfect level of comfort in this show. At Brower, they love nothing more than the opportunity to help you get your home to the level of interior comfort you desire. As a lifestyle contractor that's what it's all about. Keeping you comfortable in your home for the least amount of expense possible! Call them today at 916-624-0808 or visit them on line (and see what they're all about)by visiting You'll be really glad you did.

June 18, 2016: Set 'er up and let it run good buddy!

Join Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker as they discuss how a house that's properly engineered and metered for it's energy usage can really be a "set it and forget it" situation when it comes to the thermostat and home comfort preferences. How about that! Hardly ever having to walk to the thermostats to adjust them for anything in any room. You'll also hear why and how small solar can help save you money in so many ways if you really need solar at all! Properly vetting your individual circumstances and preferences are what make Brower Mechanical so unique. It's about your lifestyle and living environment when it comes to you home energy needs. Learn more by calling 916-624-0808 or visit, "".

June 11, 2016: Don't Get Coiled Up Over No A/C This Summer!

Bill and Duane dive into the outside units of your HVAC this week to let you know simple steps you can take that could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. What do the coils in your outdoor A/C unit really do? So what if they've not been cleaned in years? IT MATTERS! Learn why, and also learn what the value of a "sealed attic" means and what it can do for your home. Even if you don't to solar. (Hint: you may not even need Solar!) For more information on this and all the shows this year, go to "". See what projects you can start gearing up for before it gets too hot this year.

June 4, 2016: Put your energy obese home on a strategic diet!

Is your house a big, fat energy hog? Many are! It's time for a little slimming down by implementing a strategic energy diet. Bill and Duane discuss how you can take the necessary steps to slim down those high energy bills. It's easier than you think and now is the time to act! Did you know there are even options to get new equipment for FREE? Aquachill A/C could prove to be an option for you if you're in the right geographic areas. From "smart meters" to the process of implementing a healthy diet for your homes energy, you'll hear it all when you listen to the show. Slim down your homes' energy expenses today by calling Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808 or on line at "".

May 28, 2016: The Top Three Reasons People Call A Heating/AC Specialist.

It's easy as 1,2,3. Or so you thought. The top three reasons people reach out for help may surprise you. That's why it's worth a listen as Bill and Duane talk thru, not only those three reasons, but the effect of the decisions as a result of the reasons. Are they the right reasons to make any changes or upgrades? You'll hear about the choices some have made that resulted in greatly reduced energy bills and a more comfortable household environment. Isn't that what it's really all about? For more information, call Brower Mechanical today, 916-624-0808. Or visit them online at "". You'll be glad you did.

May 21, 2016: It's a matter of degrees...

Ahhhh. Springtime is in full force, plants blooming, sun shining longer day by day and the temperature is rising. And rising. And you're getting warmer and having to finally turn on that A/C aren't you? What if you didn't have to touch that thermostat? Ever? What if you could just set it and forget it? That's the answer you'll get in todays show as Bill and Duane talk about how it's a matter of degrees to keeping your home in the comfort zone. With just a few critical steps, Brower Mechanical can have your home fully assessed and ready for the steps necessary to be a perfectly stable temperature all year long. For more information call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808.

May 14, 2016: If you've got gas, listen up.

Listen as your hosts, Bill and Duane, take you through a myriad of energy savings tips to help make your home more energy efficient. And that includes homes that have gas fired furnaces too! Yes, you can eliminate your furnace, go electric and have an even greater energy saving result when you add small solar! This process also improves your indoor air quality, and can be supported by many of the rebate programs available today. Oh yeah, you'll learn about a few of those as well! For more information, call Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808 or visit "". Start saving today!

May 7, 2016: Hot showers and Cold beer? Get comfortable.

OK, it's not the most energy conscious title but it really is about being comfortable in your own home. Can you relax and simply enjoy the ambient environment or do you always have to adjust something?

Open/close a window, change the thermostat, cold in the morning, hot during the day? Your home should be the most comfortable place to stay any time of day. Easy breathing, comfortable and at the temperature you want it to be regardless of where you are in the house. That's how Brower insures it will be at the most efficient operation possible!

So enjoy that hot shower after a nice workout and step out into the comfort of a perfectly temperate environment as you want it. Just finished the lawn? Grab a cold beer and sit down in the kitchen and just enjoy the cool, comfortable place you call home.

Call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808, or contact us online.

April 30, 2016: Set It And Forget It. Your Thermostat That Is!

Listen as Bill and Duane demonstrate how you can get your home to a place where you really never touch that thermostat. How nice would that be? Can it really be done? You bet!

Hear from an actual real life customer as she shares her story for all! Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a customer that has done all the required work to allow her to have her home perfectly cooled and heated any time of the year. It all starts with the "home energy assessment" and ends with a thermostat you simply set and forget.

You'll never have to worry about being uncomfortable in your own home again!

For more information on how your home thermostat can be made to do what it's really supposed to do, contact us or call 916-624-0808.