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Brower Home Power Hour: Formerly the CHERP Energy Wise Forum, Brower Mechanical has now recrafted the program to further promote the process of home energy optimization thru home energy audits, insulation, windows, solar and more. Continuing the relationship with the non-profit Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)monthly seminars are designed to provide access to virtually free home energy assessments ($300+ value!)that can then lead to maximizing government and utility rebates and incentives to both reduce expense and increase home values. An incredibly informative show to help anyone considering solar or home energy upgrades make the best investment decision utilizing the small solar process by reducing before producing.

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Radio Show Archive

April 23, 2016: Carbon Monoxide Is Not Good For Your Indoor Air Quality

This show is full of reasons to be sure to get a regular home energy revitalization. Consider carbon monoxide leaking into your home. Would you know. It's odorless. A simple check up on your HVAC equipment would reveal any leaking of gasses into the home.

Plus, hear about the options to complete an energy audit that yields guaranteed monthly utility bills when all the required work has been accomplished. How can you go wrong with that. Bill and Duane keep you entertained as well as informed with great health, safety and money saving recommendations.

For more information, contact us or call 916-624-0808.

April 16, 2016: A guaranteed monthly amount on your utility bill? Really?

A guaranteed monthly amount, month in and month out that's lower than you ever thought possible is what you'll learn as Bill and Duane discuss the process. Really! How many companies have you ever heard of that will actually give you a written guarantee of your utility bill that will be LOWER than it is presently?

The home energy audit and the corresponding work completed allows the properly trained technicians to give you a guaranteed amount on your utility bill. That's right, guaranteed. This way, you know exactly what you're going to be paying and what your year end savings are going to be. Now that's some pretty good math! Find out how you can know what your guaranteed monthly utility bill could be by contacting Brower Mechanical today. 916-624-0808.

April 9, 2016: Swing is in the air! (Temperature swings of course.)

Temperature swings outside can wreak havoc on an improperly maintained energy system in your home. Have you had your system revitalized for the season? Is it ready to work hot or cold based on the dramatic temperature swings of spring? Listen in to hear why it's so important you've got your system running properly. You'll breathe easier and save money too! For you home energy revitalization, call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808.

April 2, 2016: Sneezin' and Wheezin'? Ain't no reason...

It's allergy season and that's no teasin'. Listen in and learn why "home comfort" really is more than just a cool house in warm weather. Indoor air quality means so much more when you do it right. From ventilation to insulation, and sealing the attic and ducts, you'll learn there's a lot more to it when you have a plan and execute it well.

The best way to save money is to know how you're going to get there first. Then you can make the appropriate decisions for the most efficient result. Let the pros at Brower Mechanical help. For a free in home energy audit, call 916-624-0808,  you'll be sure to breathe easier.

March 26, 2016: Chocolate Eggs Melt in the Heat!

The topic remains the same but the holidays influence changes in home energy usage. Family gatherings can heat things up in more ways than one! But putting a crowd in a poorly ventilated, cooled or heated home changes everything.

Listen in as Bill and Duane get into details about the significance of the home energy audit insuring you have a plan before you do anything to improve the air quality in your home. It's a smart move reducing your energy consumption before you think about producing with solar. For more information, call Brower Mechanical today 916-624-0808.

March 19, 2016: How Dirty Attics Affect Indoor Air Quality

Todays show focuses on the need for a complete evaluation of the attic insulation and how the Clip Board Audit, a free service, can really help you devise an energy plan to best complete your home's energy efficiencies. Did you know, it's dirt in the attic insulation that is probably causing the majority of dust in your home?

Find out more on how you can improve the indoor air quality you breathe everyday by calling 916-624-0808, you'll be surprised at what you didn't know you didn't know!

March 12, 2016: What Stinks? Indoor air quality matters!

Surely you've been to a family members house, a neighbor's house or a party and whoa!, something stinks. (Is that fish I smell? Burnt meat? Cat litter? ) Does it really matter what the details are if family or guests smell something unpleasant? If your house was functioning properly with its' home energy, heating and air, you can be sure those odors would be temporary, not lingering.

The last thing you would want to hear is your house stinks. Properly ventilating and filtering the home air is critical to getting the most out of your equipment and removing odors and simply creating quality indoor air. 

Don't be fooled by slick solar sellers. They aren't looking at your whole home energy usage but just your "as is" situation. Listen to Duane and Bill as they discuss the merits of small solar and best ways maximize your energy consumption while at the same time, enjoying an odor free home and fresh, clean air to breathe.

For more information on indoor air quality and how to make your home more energy efficient contact Brower today!

February 27, 2016: Roofing replacements could spell "HOT" this summer!

Find out why your old shake roof may have kept your house cooler and what a new composition or tile roof have to do with overworking your A/C. Bet you never knew it could happen but Duane Knickerbocker of Brower construction explains the consequences of not having an entire energy plan before starting any major repair of remodel. You could save yourself thousands with one or cost yourself thousands without. And that's in straight up cost as well as rebates! Learn what you didn't know you didn't know on the roof and more from this weeks show.

February 20, 2016: Seal it tight, Ventilate Right!

Another fact filled and applicable discussion with the home energy expert Duane Knickerbocker of Brower Mechanical. Listen as host Bill Small takes you down the path of creating positive cash flow home by reducing the energy consumption BEFORE you produce with solar. The savings are incredible and the rebates even better. A show complete with case studies that may match your situation perfectly.

February 13, 2016: Stock Market Solar

Does the stock market really influence your home energy decisions? Is it relative? Could you realize greater gains on investments you make in your home that are more consistent and have a great potential to return a positive cash flow. You'll never know without listening to this show as Bill and Duane dive into a variety of topics to improve the efficiency of your home's energy performance.