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No matter how good it gets, technology will always have its inherent limitations and we will have to learn to live with them. In fact, many of the... Read more

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It was a very frustrating day for Brower Mechanical customers. We did everything possible to be there for you on what was the hottest day of the... Read more

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The last thing that electric cars are is cheap and this is one of the big reasons that Americans aren’t buying them as hoped. A vote Thursday by... Read more

ice packs on fan in office

We will admit that we love this picture around here. It shows someone who got warm enough that they had to finally take action. This idea does... Read more

yellow electric vehicle

There are websites devoted to how awesome science is and we are big fans of science. Science allows us to have more things for less money, and... Read more

trying to stay in office with fan

Whenever our technicians are in the field they work diligently to keep you comfortable. In some cases they function in the role as a real world... Read more

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The temperature hits 100 outside and your A/C is not working for some reason. Please know that while we appreciate your business we also hate... Read more

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Today, June 8, 2015, marks the first day of the year where 100+ degree temperatures are predicted and the prediction is likely to become a reality... Read more

green leaves

Solar energy is incredible. Drawing energy from the sun has nothing in the way of toxic releases and provides wonderful benefits for every group... Read more


Few of their respective customers are aware that PG&E has 68 hydroelectric powerhouses and SMUD has 8, supplying a large portion of the... Read more


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