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sweating in office

I think we can all assume that we have been using our air conditioner a LOT lately. In fact, the other day my significant other got in the car and... Read more

home automation graphic

As homes are getting smarter buyers and sellers have to do the same thing. The advent of connected homes means that we can do more and do it... Read more

ecobee product

I’m not sure about you but when I think “cutting edge” and “latest technology” the names Target and Sears don’t jump to mind. Maybe it’s just me... Read more

solar panels on roof of home

In the last 5 days gas prices have risen over 50 cents per gallon in the Los Angeles area and experts are predicting that prices have not peaked... Read more

technology graphic

No matter how good it gets, technology will always have its inherent limitations and we will have to learn to live with them. In fact, many of the... Read more

data graphic

It was a very frustrating day for Brower Mechanical customers. We did everything possible to be there for you on what was the hottest day of the... Read more

ev illustration

The last thing that electric cars are is cheap and this is one of the big reasons that Americans aren’t buying them as hoped. A vote Thursday by... Read more

ice packs on fan in office

We will admit that we love this picture around here. It shows someone who got warm enough that they had to finally take action. This idea does... Read more

yellow electric vehicle

There are websites devoted to how awesome science is and we are big fans of science. Science allows us to have more things for less money, and... Read more

very hot temperatures graphic

The temperature hits 100 outside and your A/C is not working for some reason. Please know that while we appreciate your business we also hate... Read more


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